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The Definitive Guide to Sales Cadence
Every sales representative executes a ‘cadence’ when they reach out via email, phone, or social media to initiate a conversation with a potential prospect. The art of a cadence is determined based on a myriad of factors, fueled primarily by sales reps’ intuition regarding the company and contact being pursued. However, there are a lot of questions that aren’t always clear when initiating a conversation and creating a successful cadence.

This eBook answers such questions as: how many times should I attempt contact?, how long should i wait between attempts?, what methods are most uses, etc?.
What sales leaders think about XANT

Frank F.

VP Marketing and Sales | Upflex
Great Tool for automation of a programmatic sales process
Playbooks allows us to automate the full-cycle of a long and complex sales process, through a series of "plays" that trigger off one another, in sequence. READ MORE...

John C.

Digital Selling Lead | Cisco
Launching for an enterprise
[XANT] has given our organization a simple, consistent and intuitive platform for daily workflows. READ MORE...

Ryan P.

Sales Team Lead | LogMeIn
Playbooks application for Account Management
Playbooks has streamlined & disciplined our cadence for outbound activity. As an account management team, we thrive on setting meetings with our key... READ MORE...